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Professional Audio & Video (A/V) Integration

Texas-1 Communication offers an integrated solution for your home or business audio/video system. We can help you design, engineer, and manage collaborative a/v integration projects – from the lighting, sound setup, video projector, and maintenance moving forward.

We offer over 10 years of experience with A/V Integration with a focus on reducing your bottom line, and providing a long lasting, stress free system. Contact us today for your free consultation, and get your project started today!

Network & Infrastructure

We provide planning, security, and management for your video and sound collaboration to allow for seamless communication with virtually no downtime



User Interfaces

Our user interface setup begins with a deep understanding of your exact room’s needs and goals, functionality requirements, task analysis, room aesthetics, and furthermore training and support on your new Audio & Video integration

Meeting/Conference Rooms

Convert any space into a hub of communication for Projectors, TV installation and mounting, and audio speakers for maximum functionality and overall experience. 


Integrated Sound & Speakers

Get a professional sound setup with an enormous range of speaker and sound options catered specifically to your needs. Skip shopping around and get the best sound options, at the best price, all under one roof

Integrated Video

Install a powerful video system for entertainment, video displays, digital menus, projectors, logo displays, while simultaneously tying in your sound setup

Preventative Maintenance

Our entire team has your back if there are any issues with your setup, and preventative maintenance keeps your system running smoothly with little to no downtime 

We Work With Most Models

Contact us to learn more about our broad range of models and setups available

How It Works

Installing Audio on your home has never been easier! Our process makes it simple

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Customized A/V Integration For Any Setting

We have the experience and knowledge to get your a/v integration done professionally. Contact us now to learn more. 

Hear what our clients are saying about Texas-1 Communications!

We are dedicated to your satisfaction, and we aim for excellence in every installation

Very professional, respectful and thorough! I had them install home theater surround system and they did an amazing job. Highly recommend them.

Demi S.

Texas 1 Communications did an amazing job on our home theatre system. We had speakers installed in the ceiling, a projector mounted, and the projector screen also mounted.

Maha A.

Texas1 does honest and great work. Very comparable pricing and will above and beyond to get the job done on time and within the budget. I would strongly recommend thiere service as they will do it with integrity and excellence.

Chad H.