Home Control Starts Here!

•    Make all your audio and video products work together
•    Control from remotes, iPads and iPhones
•    Unclutter your home
•    Gain an affordable foundation for the future

Share the excitement of control

With Total Control, you can stream the same or different music around the house in its original, full fidelity – anywhere, anytime. And, it is perfectly synchronized in every room and outdoors. Create party playlists and start them all with a touch on a remote or a smartphone.





Light Up Your Life

Set the mood by pressing a button on your iPad or remote and instantly dim the lights.
No more going downstairs to turn off all the lights at bedtime. With Total Control you can easily turn off the house lights – individually or all at once. Create room lighting “scenes” on demand, such as low lights for relaxing. It’s as easy as setting presets on your car radio.

•    Create lighting presets for waking up, parties, etc
•    Set a path of light to welcome you when you open the garage door
•    Control lights from your smartphone while you’re away
•    Compatible with URC lighting and other popular lighting systems


Live in your comfort zone.

Live in your ideal comfort zone every day with Total Control. You can see and adjust temperature from URC designer keypads, color remotes – and our other compatible control options. Simply add our advanced thermostat. Change heating and cooling daily or on seasonal schedules to experience greater comfort and energy savings. Heat things up in one room or many. Plus, when you are away from home, you can ensure the cool air stays on and tweak it as needed – from your iDevice screen. Who says thermostats can’t be cool? Make it so whenever you want with Total Control.




Safe and secure, at home and away.

Gain instant peace of mind from inside and outside your home. Our control products allow you to keep an eye on everything, from your front door or your vacation home. With one touch you can check on the kids in the yard or nursery, turn indoor and outdoor lights on and off and monitor what’s happening from your kitchen or couch. Add URC cameras and touchscreen remotes and panels to deliver live video surveillance of what’s going on in and around the home. Using your iPad or iPhone you can do all of this from a remote location! Stay connected with your home and loved ones with Total Control – even when you’re on the other side of the world.


Green home, smart idea.

Your URC Total Control system allows you to go green and save some green! Set schedules for lighting and temperature based on time of day, time of year or what you’re experiencing in any given moment. Studies show electricity consumption can be reduced by up to 20% simply by dimming a bulb 25%. One quick press on your iPad or a URC remote puts you in the driver’s seat to do just that and experience a better way to conserve. Monitor your home while you’re away and make adjustments from anywhere in the world. The best part about our green-friendly products, however, is that they’re highly desirable and low hassle, even without their wonderful energy-saving features. Total Control, now that’s smart.




Control music & movies all around the house.

By adding URC audio products, you can stream your entire existing music collection, Pandora, Rhapsody, internet music and even old records around the house. And, you can conveniently access it all with friendly controls. With our innovative DMS-AV Home Theater Amplifier / Processor, you can experience all the magic and realism of the finest home theater for an affordable price that scales for years to come.


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